The New Miss Teen USA Could Be The Ideal Donald Trump Surrogate

Shortly after her big win, the internet latched on to Karlie Hay and called her out for being racist and ignorant. She was even called a Trump surrogate.

We can't even have a beauty pageant without racism rearing its ugly head.

All of the top 5 contestants of the recent Miss Teen USA pageant were white and blonde (and looked pretty much the same), but that’s not the only thing about the beauty pageant that got people’s criticism.


This year’s winner, 18-year-old Karlie Hay of Tomball, Texas, has been called out for a series of racial slurs on her Twitter account. The posts were from 2013 and 2014, and shows Hay casually using the N-word pretty often.

When Hay was announced as this year’s winner, people took to social media to call out the teen, who is now supposed to be a role model for young women across American, for her racist attitude.

A Twitter user who goes by the handle @XLNB was the first person to share the screenshot of Hay’s racist tweet, and said: "You can win Miss Teen USA, you can handle the extra (justified scrutiny) for your racist behavior." He later posted: “And @MissTeenUSA needs to address this and revoke Karlie Hay's win, or set the precedent racists are welcome to their event.”

He later wrote: “Here are a few excuses that we will hear: That was three years ago, ppl change!, so you can say N***er but we can't?, She's a child!”  



This was followed by a tweet from Kamie Crawford, a former Miss Teen USA.


Soon, the internet was blowing up with tweets against Hay.




In response, Hay posted some justifications for her racist behavior but failed to issue a proper apology.






Hopefully, Hay will prove true to her words and actually show that she has improved over the years, and turned into a better person. 

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