Mysterious Posts Emerge On Man's Facebook After Couple Goes Missing

Charlie Carver and Kala Brown, a couple living in South Carolina, disappeared two months ago. But, Carver’s Facebook page is mysteriously being updated.

At the end of August, a couple living in Anderson, South Carolina vanished.

Facebook, Kala Brown / Charlie Carver

Their family and friends have no idea of their whereabouts, and one of their cars is gone. Their cell phones went dead, and their dog was left inside the house alone. Yet, one of their Facebook pages remains active, and is sending out strange messages, making odd posts, and logging new milestones.

Charlie Carver, 32 and Kala Brown, 30, disappeared on Aug. 30, The Daily Beast reported. Friends aren’t sure who is posting updates about their new married life together from Carver’s account, but they are incredibly worried. Some have suggested the person running the account is his ex-wife, but no one has any idea.

Brown’s best friend said, “His Facebook posts have been hacked. It’s not him posting.”

Carver’s younger sister Katie reportedly said, “I wish I could tell them to stop [posting on his Facebook]. If they know where he is, bring him home.”

According to the updates to Carver’s Facebook page, the couple was married on Sep. 1. Then, last week an old photo of the couple was uploaded onto his page with the caption, “We are fine,” then deleted.

In the past two weeks, strange and violent memes have been posted to the account. Considering that the couple has been missing for nearly two months, even the less grotesque memes have taken on a sinister meaning.

The account is now filled with people commenting on the images, “Where are Charlie and Kala?” In one instance, a Facebook user posted the question, “Where the hell is Kala Brown??” to which the person posing as Carver replied, “Kala is with her husband Charlie.”

Facebook, Find Kala and Charlie

People who know the couple say this isn’t like them to just disappear suddenly without a trace, or just suddenly decide to go on vacation. If they did, they left behind essentials like Brown’s glasses and contact lenses, their medications, and their dog, Romeo. But, Romeo’s cage is now missing, too.

Kala’s mom Bobbie Newsom told Dateline, “It’s like you have a hot skillet, and they are two drops of water you put on it. They just disappear. It’s not that they just haven’t talked to their moms. No one has heard from them.”

In a cryptic message obtained by The Daily Beast, Carver’s Facebook account reportedly messaged a friend, “im just missing to everyone else. We [are] both ok. there is only one person that knows where we are … the person that means the most to me and kala she know where we are and we are coming that way for ever.”

Meanwhile, Brown’s account hasn’t been updated since Aug. 27. Police still don’t have any suspects or leads.

A Facebook page, "Find Kala and Charlie," has been created by their mothers, in hopes that raising awareness about the missing couple will bring them back home. 

Banner photo credit: Facebook, Find Kala and Charlie

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