Japanese Parents Leave 7-Year-Old Son Alone in Woods As Punishment

150 rescue workers continue to search for 7-year-old Yamato Tanooka as he remains missing for three days in the mountains.

Punishing misbehaving children to teach them manners and a lesson is just part of parenting. But one Japanese couple took punishment way too far, and it might have cost their 7-year-old son his life. 

The parents of 7-year-old Yamato Tano-oka are now worried sick as 150 rescue workers are searching for him in Nanae, Hokkaido, an island in northern Japan. Yamato and his parents were out on a family walk picking wild vegetables when the little boy began throwing stones at cars driving past them. The enraged parents, who wanted to teach their child manners, left him in the mountains on the way home and walked around 500 meters away from him before returning back. But Yamato was nowhere to be found and his mother and father have now been searching for him for two days, along with a large number of rescue workers.

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The island is known to be home to wild bears. What happened to Yamato during that time while he was left alone remains uncertain.

The boy’s 44-year-old father, Takayuki Tano-oka, initially told the police that Yamato got lost in the mountains during a family walk. However, he later admitted to giving incorrect information and confessed the boy was purposely left in the mountains as a punishment for throwing rocks at passing cars.

The police are now looking into the case and considering whether the parents should be charged with abandoning the child.

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