Woman Asks Fellow Shopper About Pie, Gets Sucker Punched In Response

A last-minute Thanksgiving run to the grocery store turned violent for one woman when she asked a fellow customer how to make a pie.

A Mississippi woman was shocked after being subjected to violence at a Kroger grocery store for simply asking a fellow shopper if he knew how to make pumpkin pie.

Nia Jones, who was in the baking aisle at the store to pick up some last-minute Thanksgiving items, allegedly asked the man a simple question, but was rather taken aback when he started hurling swear words at her and walked away.

Apparently, the man wasn’t yet done with his bizarre behavior, as he soon returned and shoved Jones’ friend and another lady into the shelves before sucker punching Jones.

He punched her thrice in the face and once in the chest, rendering her unconscious. What is even more surprising is that nobody, not the customers nor the store’s employees, came to the woman’s aid.

“If there was already a scene that was created, a commotion created. It was loud. Why didn’t someone address the gentleman at the time?” asked Jones’ mother Rochell. "I was irate because no one from the store, from Kroger, was by her side. It was just the police and paramedics.”

Although the grocery store maintains that it is working with the Southaven Police Department in the investigation of the incident, their actions (or lack thereof) during the violent scene is indeed questionable.

Video footage from surveillance cameras is being reviewed to identify the attacker and take appropriate action.

The police department has released a picture of someone they are calling a person of interest, but further investigations are being carried out before anything is confirmed.

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