Republican Wants Women To Be ‘Traditional Homemakers And Family Wives’

“I want to come home to a home-cooked dinner at six every night, one that she fixes…Gloria Steinham (sic) be damned.”

It seems Courtland Sykes, the Missouri Republican running for Senate 2018, should have lived in the 1950s — because 2017 is nearing its end and he still believes women’s roles should be limited to “traditional homemakers and family wives.”

The 37-year-old Navy veteran and Harvard graduate, who was born in Arkansas, is a staunch Donald Trump supporter and wants to win the support of white supremacist Steve Bannon by promoting an aggressive “America First” campaign.

With beliefs like his, it’s no surprise he is a fan of the two people above.

Last week, Sykes fared poorly in a 20-minute interview in which he struggled to answer questions about when the United States should exercise military force. The GOP candidate refused a second interview but helpfully sent an 11-page document detailing his racist, sexist views.

Sykes didn't just target modern feminism but also condemned immigrants, belittled the Islamic faith and criticized the U.S.’ education system.

In his final answer, which questioned him about whether he favored women’s rights, he responded:

“Chanel (Rion), my fiancee, has given me orders to favor (women’s) rights, so I’d better,” Sykes said in the document. “But Chanel knows that my obedience comes with a small price that she loves to pay anyway — I want to come home to a home-cooked dinner at six every night, one that she fixes.”

“It’s exactly the kind of family dinner that I expect one day my future daughters will learn to make after they too become traditional homemakers and family wives — think Norman Rockwell here — and Gloria Steinham (sic) be damned,” he added.

Chanel Rion is a political commentator and an editorial illustrator so that’s not exactly the definition of a “traditional homemaker.” Maybe he should first ask his fiancée to quit her job before delegating other women to the kitchens.

Also, the man can’t even spell Gloria Steinem right, so we can’t possibly take the Republican seriously.

Besides this, Sykes also stated he wanted social programs implemented in the 20th century to “go away.” He wants to stop Muslim immigration “cold for now.” He also said those who work in advertising, lawmaking, lobbying and other fields are a part of an industry that “employs millions who drink swamp juice every day.”

He also wants to do away with most U.S. laws.



To see exactly how wrong Sykes is for the Senate — and for the country as a whole — check out his campaign video above.

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