Racist School Board Candidate Called Michelle Obama A 'Rat' On Twitter

School board candidate Jeanie Ames has made several bigoted statements on her Twitter account, sharing far-right conservative memes and penning her own.

A woman running for a school board seat in a suburb of St. Louis, Missouri, has some outlandish and racist views on immigrants, Muslims, and Michelle Obama.

Upon many users discovering that her Twitter account included vile and deplorable memes, Jeanie Ames, a former teacher who is running for a spot on the Parkway School Board, reportedly locked her account, perhaps hoping it would end speculation that she’s a racist — but not before someone else had already screenshot her tasteless tweets, sharing them on Imgur.

The posts she made run the gamut of radically conservative ideals. In one tweet, she attacks Islam as evil, sharing an image that reads in part, “Let the Crusade Begin! Ban Islam in America!”

She also subtweeted a comment by conservative pundit Tomi Lahren, who wrote, “If they aren't s---hole countries, why don't their citizens stay there?” in response to President Donald Trump’s comments on immigrants earlier this month. Ames wrote in response, “Truth hurts. #shithole.”

She also explained her views on children of immigrants in America, often called "Dreamers," who have been hoping for a fix for the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program.

“Dreamers is just Anchor Kid misspelled,” she wrote.

In a separate post that grossly misinterpreted the fight to protect transgender rights, Ames signaled agreement with a tweet made by conservative actor James Woods, who wrote that “Democrats are fighting for Men to pee in the Ladies' Room.”

In yet another detestable tweet, Ames responded to news that scientists had discovered a new species of giant rat.

“Wait, they JUST discovered @MichelleObama? That explains SO much,” Ames wrote.

She also called current Rep. Ted Lieu (D-Hawaii) “a slut” in a separate post.

The candidate, who on her Twitter profile referred to herself as a “Confederate,” tried to sidestep the controversy by suggesting she could hold these bigoted views while still doing what’s best for the district if elected.

“The good of the district is the only concern on which I would base my decisions,” she wrote in an email to a local newspaper.

Yet if a candidate for school board demonstrates she cannot promote tolerance in her own personal (and public) statements, how can we expect that person to push for schools to be accepting and safe places for children to learn? Leaders must lead by example, and Ames' example is a far cry from what teachers and administrators would find acceptable from their own students.

Ames’ behavior online mimics the outlandish statements that our president currently makes. That sort of rhetoric should be shunned, not replicated, and the community would do well to reject the type of politics that he and Ames have promoted.

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