Green Beret Films Himself Being ‘Waterboarded’ With A Garden Hose

Getting waterboarded in a controlled setting, surrounded by friends who will stop any time, is vastly different from it being performed by a CIA official.


Former mixed martial artist and U.S. Special Forces soldier Tim Kennedy filmed a video of himself being voluntarily waterboarded in a bid to promote Trump’s CIA nominee Gina Haspel.

Apparently, the Green Beret wanted to prove that waterboarding is not torture, merely uncomfortable. So, he got a bunch of his friends to perform the technique on him.

“We did this yesterday for almost 45 minutes,” he wrote on Twitter. “The average pour was anywhere from 10 to 60 sec. You can try to hold your breath but the water pools at the back of your sinuses running down your eyes and nose. Plain and simple. It’s not torture.”

“The reason we are doing this ... is for us to have a conversation. Right now, an amazing hero has been appointed to be director of the CIA and because of that, some of the things she has done are being attacked,” Kennedy said about Haspel. “If I can change one person’s mind about what torture is and what I would do to protect American freedom, I will do this for years.” 

Acting CIA director Gina Haspel is expecting to take leadership from the head of CIA, Mike Pompeo, who recently vacated the seat to become the new secretary of state. However, Haspel’s past is rife with controversy, particularly because of her role in overseeing “black site” prison in Thailand, during George W. Bush’s so-called war on terror, in which she used “enhanced interrogation” techniques on prisoners, including waterboarding.

However, while trying to save Haspel’s reputation, Kennedy forgot a few crucial things.

Getting waterboarded — if it can even be called that — in a controlled setting, surrounded by friends who you know will stop any time, is vastly different from being strapped down — after being deprived of sleep for 72 hours and placed in solitary confinement— by an enemy force who forcibly blindfolds you and pours water onto your head until you pass out.

It’s not torture if your friends are standing by to ensure nothing untoward happens to you. Not to mention the fact that such an experiment is completely absent of terror and uncertainty.

Whatever Kennedy is doing in his backyard is definitely not the same thing as the CIA’s enhanced interrogation techniques.

Erich “Mancow” Muller, a conservative radio show host, went forward to enact the same techniques in 2009. However, it was hugely different from Kennedy’s version of waterboaridng as it was performed by a U.S. Marine sergeant in the way CIA officials do it and was absent of friends. As a result, Muller was unable to withstand even six seconds of the torture.

“Look, all that’s been done to this country, and I heard about water being dropped on someone’s face, and I never considered it torture,” Mueller told NPR in an interview. “Even when I was laying there, I thought this is going to be no big deal. I go swimming. It’s going to be like being in the tub. I do now want to say this: absolutely torture. Absolutely. I mean, that’s drowning.”

Perhaps Kennedy should try this kind of waterboarding to see exactly how it feels.

People on Twitter, including Navy senior chief petty officer specializing in naval cryptology Malcolm Nance, also slammed Kennedy for doing waterboarding the wrong way and being too much of a coward to get it performed by an intelligence officer.





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