GOPer Says Rocks Falling Into The Sea Cause Rising Sea Levels

“Every time you have that soil or rock whatever it is that is deposited into the seas, that forces the sea levels to rise.”



A Republican lawmaker suggested during a hearing of the House Committee on Science, Space, and Technology that rocks falling into the sea are causing sea levels to raise.

Rep. Mo Brooks (R-Ala.) had an exchange with scientist and current president of Woods Hole Research Center, Phil Duffy. During the hearing he rejected the notion that global warming is the reason behind rising sea levels.

Brooks asked Duffy what might be contributing to the increasing rate of the rising sea levels. To which Duffy replied ground subsidence plays a major role in rising sea levels. The Republican then pressed him to come up with more reasons to which Duffy replied, “Those are all that I know of.”

The congressman then tried to explain the reason behind the rising problem.

“What about erosion! Every single year that we’re on Earth, you have huge tons of silt deposited by the Mississippi River, by the Amazon River, by the Nile, by every major river system — and for that matter, creek, all the way down to the smallest systems. And every time you have that soil or rock whatever it is that is deposited into the seas, that forces the sea levels to rise. Because now you’ve got less space in those oceans because the bottom is moving up,” said Brooks.

He further mentioned California and absurdly said waves crashing against the shorelines and cliffs crashing into the sea displace the water and force it to rise.

“I’m pretty sure that on human time scales. Those are minuscule effects,” said Duffy.

Brooks then said, “I've got a NASA base in my district. And apparently, they're telling you one thing and me a different thing.”

The Republican needs to get his facts right as the website he referred to stated global sea-level rise has been “caused primarily by two factors related to global warming: the added water from melting ice sheets and glaciers and the expansion of seawater as it warms.”

A recent study released by the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences also showed sea levels are rising due to climate change.

The purpose of the hearing was to focus on how technology could be used for climate change adaptation but it clearly driven towards the basics of climate change.

Banner/Thumbnail Credits: Reuters, Yuri Gripas

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