Angry Masked Mob Attacks Refugee Children In Sweden

The attack on the refugee children in Sweden came after an aid worker was purportedly killed by a refugee boy.

On Friday, a mob of black-clad men rampaged the Stockholm train station, with the intent of "punishing" child refugees.

The gang of up to 100 people went on the hunt, weeding out anyone who looked like a foreigner, and attacking them. Before the pre-meditated attack, provocative leaflets titled "It’s enough now!" were distributed to incite crowds into joining the attack.

The leaflets referenced the murder of 22-year-old Alexandria Mezher, an aid worker, who was killed by a Somali boy during a brawl between two Moroccan children.

Recently, tensions regarding the refugee crises have heightened in Sweden as the country grapples with the influx of asylum-seekers.

Sweden has been the host to many unaccompanied street children from Morocco, who have traveled through Spain and Germany to get to Sweden. Before the attack, the Stockholm train station was deemed unsafe by the police after it was crowded by child refugees.

Having grown up without much adult supervision, these children are untrusting of police officers who offer them help.

What is needed at this point is for the Swedish government to work out a plan to rehabilitate these children and help them find a place in Swedish society. Attacks like these only serve to isolate these children and exacerbate the problem.

The Swedish police are currently investigating the content of the leaflets, and have arrested one man for disturbing public order.

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