Israeli Police Prevent Treatment Of Injured Palestinian — Then He Died

Although the young man was being rushed to an operating room, Israeli officers tried to stop the staff from providing him medical assistance.

Israeli police officers allegedly tried to prevent medical staff from providing treatment to a critically wounded Palestinian man during a raid at a hospital in East Jerusalem. 

Israeli human rights group B’Tselem released CCTV footage of the incident that occurred on July 21. Israeli police officers in full riot gear can be seen looking for 20-year-old Muhammed Abu Ghannam from ward to ward at al-Makassad Hospital.

A few moments later footage cuts into a scene, purportedly inside the hospital compound, where Abu Ghannam is being rushed to an operating room. As people carry his stretcher, Israeli officers try to shove staff aside, thereby preventing them from providing him any medical assistance.

As a result of the unnecessary delay, Abu Ghannam died of his injuries.

"In the commotion, the doctors noticed that Abu Ghanam’s condition was deteriorating and took him into an X-ray room near the elevator, where they tried to resuscitate him. The attempt failed and the doctors declared him dead," B’Tselem reported.

The Israeli officers even scared volunteers away from the blood bank, according to witnesses, and sprayed tear gas into an empty room in the maternity ward.

After Abu Ghannam was pronounced dead, a group of Palestinian youths tried to smuggle his body outside the hospital before the Israeli officers could take him away. Israel reportedly "confiscates" bodies of Palestinians to use them as leverage for negotiations with Palestinian politicians.

Abu Ghannam was shot in the chest on July 20 during clashes over the installation of metal detectors in al-Aqsa mosque. Many saw the installation of the metal detectors as another Israeli attempt to bar Palestinians from their places of worship.

The violence resulted in the deaths of at least three Palestinians and three Israelis.

Banner/Thumbnail Credit: REUTERS/Goran Tomasevic

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