Mom Accused Of Killing Family Gives Thumbs-Up In Court

The mother of five is being accused of stabbing her children and husband to death. Her case became even more disturbing after an odd appearance in court Friday morning.

A Georgia mother and immigrant from Mexico shocked the country by putting on a bizarre show while appearing in court Friday morning.

Isabel Martinez was arrested after being accused of stabbing her husband and four of their five kids to death. The tragic murders were only made more cringe-worthy when Martinez appeared smiling before the Gwinnett County judge, WSBTV reports.

Claiming she will be defending herself and that her “attorney is the people we are fighting for because it's the last thing that dies,” Martinez made odd gestures during the hearing, often smiling and even giving the camera “thumbs-up.” She even got down on her knees at some point to bow down.

The disturbing video went viral online after a local news station uploaded it to social media.

Martinez is the main suspect in the killing of Martin Romero, 33, and their children, Isabela Martinez, 10; Dacota Romero, 7; Dillan Romero, 4; and Axel Romero, 2. A fifth child, Diana Romero, 9, survived the attack but is in serious condition. The woman was not granted bond, and according to family members, she has mental health issues.

According to neighbors, Martinez never showed any signs of being aggressive or violent toward her family.

“She seemed so normal, like a regular mother,” said neighbor Letty Perez. “She was good, went to our church last weekend. She was there with us.”

No details concerning the murder or how Martinez came to turn against her family were readily available. Family members set up a GoFundMe page to help pay for funeral and medical costs, as at least one of the Romero children survived.

It's terribly concerning that people's mental health issues go unnoticed or untreated until the unthinkable happens. It's important that family members and friends are aware of possible warning signs that something isn't right so they can act before it's too late.

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