Baby Overheats On United Airlines Plane Thanks To Flight Delay

A mother and child reportedly spent hours inside of a stopped United Airlines aircraft in Denver, Colorado, prompting the infant to suffer shortness of breath.

It seems as if United Airlines never learn from its mistakes.

After a major fiasco involving a United Airlines passenger who was bruised and bloodied after refusing to leave a flight, a Colorado mother is now furious at the same firm after her baby overheated thanks to a flight delay.

Emily France, 39, and her 4-month-old baby, Owen, were allowed to board a plane at Denver International Airport during Thursday's heat wave only to be reportedly left waiting for about two hours after the flight was delayed.

As the plane became unbearably hot, Owen started overheating, causing France to panic and tell flight attendants she needed to exit the plane with her child. After requesting an ambulance, it still took them 30 minutes to be allowed to leave.

“They were not equipped to handle it,” she said. “They couldn’t evacuate us. It was chaos. I really thought my son was going to die in my arms.”

Once off the plane, mom and child were rushed to Children's Hospital where the infant was treated after suffering from the severe heat. While Owen didn't suffer any serious injuries thanks to his mom's quick thinking, the child was experiencing shortness of breath while on the airplane.

On Thursday, the temperature in Denver reached 90 degrees before noon. But inside the aircraft, the temperature may have increased considerably during the hours passengers were forced to remain inside due to the delay.

Children exposed to heat may suffer from heatstroke, which could eventually turn fatal. After seeing her child suffer unnecessarily, France is now trying to recover emotionally. According to the distressed mom, she thinks airlines should allow passengers to exit delayed flights if temperatures rise drastically.

In a statement, United Airlines confirmed that the child “experienced a medical issue while the aircraft was taxiing prior to takeoff,” adding that the pilot returned the plane to the gate while the crew waited for the paramedics.

The statement added: “Our thoughts are with the child and family, and we have been in contact to offer travel assistance.”

While we're thankful this incident turned out alright for everyone involved, we believe that United will have to do much more than simply issue a statement regarding the child's experience to ease this mom's pain. As we all know, the company hasn't had the easiest of times dealing with the bad press it's been getting from its poor treatment of passengers in the past few months.

It would do them good to, perhaps, announce a change in policy.

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