Mom Calls Out Son After He Shoots Himself And Blames It On A Black Man

After shooting himself with a gun found on the ground, a 20-year-old from Arkansas told law enforcement that a black man had assaulted and shot him.

In a brilliant display of stupidity and racism, a 20-year-old from Arkansas accidentally shot himself earlier this week but decided to tell the police that a random black man was the culprit. 

The man was admitted to St. Bernards Medical Center to be treated for the gunshot wound when he spoke to law enforcement about the incident. It was during the conversation that he made the decision to fabricate a story about how a "black male wearing all black ran up to him and pulled a gun from his hip area and pointed it at him."

The man told the officers that a struggle over the gun ensued, and that was when the black man fired the gun, shooting him in the hand. 

The 20-year-old's mother, however, knew the true story and confronted her son about lying to the officers. The man then went to speak to the authorities once more, but this time to tell what really happened. 

The truth was that there was no black man involved. Instead, the wounded man had accidentally shot himself after finding the gun on the ground and playing with it.

Why did he lie you might ask? Well, according to his mother, he "was scared to tell the truth because he doesn't want to go to jail."

White the man lying to law enforcement is problematic, there are a multitude of other reasons why his lie is unacceptable. Police brutality is a major problem throughout the United States, especially toward black men and women. By giving the police a fake black suspect to look for, the man placed essentially every black man living in the area in danger and at risk of being unfairly arrested, shot, or killed.

Even though one should already know these things at 20 years old, this ordeal hopefully taught him a lesson about playing with guns and taking responsibility for his own actions. 

Banner / thumbnail : Reuters, Ralph Freso

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