Mom Charged With Child Abuse For Letting Son Drive A Golf Cart

The Mall family looked forward every year to their vacation at Bald Head Island’s exclusive resort. But this time, their dream vacation turned into a nightmare.

A South Carolina mother, Julie Mall, who was on a $1,000 vacation with her family, was brutally assaulted by the police while she was returning to her rented cottage in Bath Head Island on a golf cart driven by her son.

Mall’s 11-year-old son asked her if he could drive the cart back to the lodge. With no traffic on the path and the boy’s father sitting next to him, the mother thought it would be no big deal. However, she was wrong.

Officer James Hunter, a rookie cop patrolling the premises, obviously thought a child driving a golf cart in an empty place supervised by his father was a terrible criminal offense. He claimed Mall and her husband, Scott, were both drunk and threatened her with a child abuse charge.

Mall, frightened by the aggressive yelling, started screaming. Hunter thought this was an attempt to resist arrest and brutally threw Mall to the ground. Then he arrested her, dragged her onto a ferry without her shoes and booked her into a cell. During her time in prison, her legs were shackled.

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Mall says “there is no question she was wrong,” but maintains that the police officer overreacted to the situation.

Mall was charged with intoxication, disruptive and misdemeanor child abuse and resisting arrest and her bond was set at $1,000.

Mall was thankfully released from the jail early that morning after her husband paid the bond. She was later treated for whiplash injuries.

Charles Baldwin, the Bald head Village’s attorney, said the village declined to comment on the incident but stated, “The village takes seriously the safety of its residents and visitors, including children, particularly in the operation of motor vehicles. Officers on scene acted appropriately and in their best judgment for the safety of the child and also of the adults involved.”

The case against Mall was dismissed when Hunter failed to appear in court at the appointed date.

The Malls have already made reservations for summer vacation at a beach, this time not at the Bald Head Island but at the Isle of Palms.

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