Pro-Gun Mom Might Want To Rethink Her Stance After Son, 4, Shoots Her

A Florida mother and gun rights activist was shot by her own 4-year-old son a day after bragging on Facebook about her children knowing how to shoot.

Gun activist Jamie Gilt of Jacksonville, Florida, was shot through the stomach by none other than her 4-year-old son while driving Tuesday afternoon.

Gilt was reportedly spotted “behaving frantically” in her truck when pulled over on the side of the road. When an officer approached her vehicle, she explained that she had been shot by her son from the backseat.

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Adding insult to injury, investigators say her son was not even strapped in his booster seat when the deputy got to them and a .45 caliber handgun was found on the floor of the backseat.

Authorities have said that the Florida mother could be charged with a misdemeanor for unsafe storage of the firearm. The gun was not in its holster and did not have a trigger lock. Gilt could serve over 180 days in jail over the incident

The 31-year-old mother is very outspoken about her support of the Second Amendment and of GOP presidential candidate Ted Cruz. There’s no mistaking that she’s a diehard right-winger, which would explain her absurd decision to casually leave guns around her kid.

She runs a Facebook page dedicated to gun rights advocacy, which trolls are now having a field day with following this incident.

Gilt may have foreshadowed the shooting on Monday when she posted in a comment thread on her personal Facebook profile that all of her kids know how to shoot — noting that even her toddler “gets jacked up to target shoot with the .22.”

He evidently got a little too “jacked up” in the car and couldn’t wait to get some practice in. The really sad part is that Gilt probably won’t even view this incident as a wake-up call that her family’s trigger-happy lifestyle is dangerous and reckless.

One of the main issues we routinely see among gun owners is their carelessness and disregard for proper gun safety.

How can you brag about having guns to “keep your family safe” and yet your children — who clearly aren’t old enough to be handling firearms — are the people endangering your life?

Gilt is lucky to be alive; this incident could have ended in tragedy and trauma. We can only hope that Gilt will rethink her position on guns as she recovers, or at the very least comes to the realization that she should keep them away from children. 

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