Mom Spent 3 Unnecessary Days In Jail Before Judge Reviewed Her Case

After serving a two-year prison sentence, a mother was forced to spend three additional days in jail all because of miscommunication and a busy court calendar.

woman sentenced to prison

A Cleveland woman named Datara Davis was duped by the criminal justice system when she was forced to spend three days in jail before a judge accepted her no contest plea to red light and seat belt violations, as well as a contempt charge for failing to appear in court.

Davis had spent approximately two years in prison for drug trafficking, according to The Root. Due to the fact that she was behind bars, she was unable to attend an April 2014 court date for running a red light and not wearing a seat belt.

Upon being released from prison, she was taken to jail because there was a warrant out for her arrest for not showing up to her court hearing. She was then forced to spend three days in another cell.

After reviewing the court record, Shaker Heights Municipal Judge K.J. Montgomery reportedly claimed that the court’s busy schedule is why the case wasn’t handled sooner.

Davis is yet another example of someone spending time in jail on the taxpayers’ dime for no reason. Davis was a non-violent offender and had already served a two-year prison sentence. There should have been some correspondence between Davis, the court, and the prison, but there wasn’t.

This poor communication delayed Davis’ reunion with her young daughter, who had already been waiting two years for her mother’s return.

"All she kept saying was 'you lied to me, you lied to me,'" Davis said of her daughter’s reaction to her not coming home.

"This is unfortunately how the system doesn't work for a lot of people out in the community," said Mike Brickner, senior policy director at the American Civil Liberties Union of Ohio.

Once Montgomery was finally able to review Davis’ case, she accepted her no contest plea and ordered her release. Davis has since been reunited with her child. 

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