Mom Carries Her Deceased Child Home In Plastic Bag By Bus

Travelers spotted a woman carrying the body of a deceased infant in a plastic bag on a bus, attempting to bring him home for a proper burial.

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A woman was seen on a public bus carrying her deceased son’s lifeless body in a plastic bag.

According to Metro, the grieving mother — identified as 25-year-old Silvia Reyes Batalla — was unable to afford any other way to transport her child’s body home to be buried.

Batalla and her boyfriend, Alfonso Refugio Dominguez, 53, were taking the baby from Mexico City to Batalla’s hometown of Puebla, more than 80 miles away.

The infant reportedly died from heart disease. He passed away during a trip with his mom to visit the capital. The bus company initially called the paramedics, but emergency personnel confirmed the child had been dead for a while, adding that Batalla’s story behind her reasoning could very well be true.

However, an investigation is underway to determine the exact cause of death.

It's difficult to imagine having to make such a painful decision as a parent who lost your small child, yet most would likely agree that bringing a corpse on public transportation is not the best route to take. 

Alas, Batalla's circumstances shed light on the dire state of poverty many people are living in throughout the world. In fact, her child's untimely death could have been prevented altogether if he'd been receiving the necessary medical treatment, which she likely also could not afford.

Health care should be a human right. A mother should never have to be faced with the thought that carrying around her child's dead body is the only option she has to give him a proper burial. 

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