Montana Dems Send Prison Jumpsuit To Body-Slamming Congressman

Montana Democrats sent GOP Rep. Greg Gianforte a very special gift to remind him that he's still a criminal despite winning a seat in Congress.

Rep. Greg Gianforte hangs his head in court while facing a charge of misdemeanor assault

The Montana Democratic Party took trolling to a whole new level when they sent an orange prison-like jumpsuit to Republican Rep. Greg Gianforte on his first day in Congress.

The suit was meant as a symbolic reference to Gianforte's recent guilty plea for assaulting a reporter, The Hill reports.

The politician was sentenced to 40 hours of community service, 20 hours of anger management counseling, and was ordered to pay a $385 fine for body-slamming a reporter from The Guardian.

Despite the assault case, Gianforte took the oath of office on Wednesday after winning his state’s special election last month. He is taking the vacant seat of newly-appointed Secretary of the Interior Ryan Zinke.

“Everyone knows you need plenty of suits to work on Capitol Hill. While millionaire Gianforte can certainly afford his own, we know he has a lot of legal fees to pay,” the Montana Democrats wrote on their website about their gift to Gianforte.

“So, we thought we’d help him out and get him started by mailing a new suit to his office in the Longworth House Office Building in Washington,” the note continued. “An orange jumpsuit, that is.”

The National Republican Congressional Committee condemned the group’s actions, asserting that the prank displays “sad and petty behavior.”

“The swearing-in ceremony held today is about all Montanans regaining their voice in the House of Representatives, not partisan politics. Instead, Montana Democrats are crying over spilled milk simply because they lost an election,” NRCC spokesman Jack Pandol said, according to The Hill.

The Montana Democrats' stunt may have been petty, but sad is a stretch.

What is actually sad is that a convicted, violent criminal has been rewarded for actions unbefitting for any lawmaker. Perhaps if Gianforte pursued a career in WWE wrestling, his behavior could be overlooked.

Ultimately, it's obvious that the Democrats' prank wasn’t really about losing an election, but was more of a strategy to call out the GOP’s affinity for sweeping their members' misconduct under the rug.  

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