Watch Snowy Street Cause Massive Car Pile-Up In Montreal

One after another, more and more cars, and even a snow plow and police cruisers, get caught up in a nasty accident on icy roads in Montreal.

A massive pile-up of two buses, a police car, van and snow plow set off chaos in the middle of an icy intersection in Montreal.

The incident occurred after a bus lost control, hitting four other cars. The dangerous pile-up occurred outside Beaver Hall Hill in the city’s downtown.  

Kevin Clark, who witnessed the entire situation from his window, recorded a video and tweeted saying, “All that snow can make it a little hard to drive sometimes.”


Just when the bystanders thought it was all over, a police car and a snow plow truck slipped down the road and joined the pile-up.

The video painfully sums up how difficult driving conditions can be during winters in Canada.

Facebook user Willem Shepherd also posted a video of the pile up.

“No one was seriously injured. Driver safe,” he wrote in a caption.

“I think in this case it is better to stay home until the roads become passable,” commented another Facebook user.

Soon after the video went viral, Canadians started tweeting about winters in their country.






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