Moose Drowns After Rowdy Bystanders Surround It To Take Photos

“It was struggling pretty good at that point. We were waiting for a boat to respond to try to assist it but before the boat arrived, it had drowned.”


A moose drowned in a Vermont lake after people gathered around it to take pictures and scared the animal into the water.

The incident took place in the state’s Lake Champlain. The moose reportedly swam few kilometers from New York State to South Hero in Vermont.

The moose came out of the lake when it reached shore and rested on a cycle path. That is when people present in the area surrounded the exhausted animal and began clicking pictures. This naturally frightened the moose.

The animal felt threatened and as a result was forced back into the water.

By that time the moose had little energy left, unfortunately it couldn’t keep up with the gushing water and eventually drowned.

A witness of the incident, Bernadette Toth, said the moose came out the water on a cycle path and the area was busy with people around – mostly tourists. She added she was around the lake with her daughter but left before the animal reentered the lake.

“It was struggling pretty good at that point. We were waiting for a boat to respond to try to assist it but before the boat arrived, it had drowned. It was really rough out there, probably 4- to 5-foot swells and high wind,” said Fish and Wildlife Officer Robert Currier.

The officer further advised people, “The best practice is to stay away from it, keep your distance. Don’t crowd the moose. If a moose feels threatened it’s going to respond by either leaving the area or it’s going to respond with aggression, and obviously we don’t want anybody to be the victim of the latter of those two.”

The officer said that although it is very uncommon for a moose to swim in a lake but it is not something that is completely unknown.

The unfortunate incident serves as a lesson and also as an important reminder to give animals space and to not make them nervous or agitated because that behavior is what leads to such tragic incidents.

In recent days, several heartbreaking incidents, which have claimed the lives of animals, have come to light.

For instance, not long ago, theFort Morgan organization, Share the Beach, put up the photos of a dead Kemp’s Ridley sea turtle on its Facebook page. The picture shows a heavy cord from a beach chair wrapped around the poor reptile’s neck.

The poor creatures have appeared to have lost their lives mainly because of the ignorance and neglect of selfish humans. It’s high time these animals are stopped being exploited to serve people who clearly don’t care for them enough.

Spotlight, Banner: Michal Fludra/NurPhoto via Getty Images

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