More Than 300 Bus Drivers Learned They Lost Their Jobs Via Text

Hundreds of Welsh bus drivers learned by informal text message that the company they worked for was tanking and they would be losing their jobs as a result.

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A mass text was sent to more than 300 bus drivers informing them that they were losing their jobs.

Staff members at GHA Coaches in Wrexham — a town in Wales — were surprised to receive the message on Wednesday, especially the many who were out driving on shift when it came through.

According to Metro, the text message told workers that the company was due to cease trading that night and asked them to come to a meeting set for today.

The text was extremely informal and laced with grammatical errors: “I sorry to report GHA Coaches will cease trading tonight plz attend depot meeting 10AM Tomoz, ALL wages holidays will be paid."

Upon reading, it may have seemed like a really bad hoax or the result of some hacking incident, but it was real.

GHA Coaches, one of the largest independently owned bus companies in the United Kingdom, operates approximately 230 vehicles and employs nearly 400 people.

The sudden shutdown of the service will certainly hit the residents hard, but especially the employees.

Vickie Hewitt, whose father works for GHA, reportedly posted about how devastated her father is on Facebook.

“The job has kept him going and given him a purpose to get up in the morning since my mum passed away a few months ago, he loved this job,” she wrote. “He’s 68 and I have no idea if he will find another one that he would like so much. It’s disgusting the way they have told their employees in a split second their job is gone.”

The company had been experiencing financial hardship for a while, but the Welsh government and external consultants had been working with the administrators to save jobs. Sadly, their attempts ultimately failed.

It’s bad enough that so many peoples’ livelihoods are affected by this situation — but, there couldn’t have been a worse way to tell those hardworking people than this erroneous text. 

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