More Than Half Of Americans Say This Is The Lowest Point For US

Has President Donald Trump destroyed our country? Americans seem to lean toward that notion as over half consider now the lowest point in the history of the United States.

If President Donald Trump’s divisive politics have you fearing the worst for the state of our nation, then you are not alone.

A new poll from the American Psychological Association says 59 percent of Americans believe this volatile era in which we are currently immersed is the lowest point in the country’s history that they can remember.

And Americans are not just ashamed over the present state of our country; nearly two-thirds are worried about the future of the nation as well.

Even watching the news is now an unsettling activity for Americans as 56 percent reported that keeping up with it is stressing them out. With Trump’s frequent warmongering tweets, it’s really no wonder.

To put into perspective how dire this period in America is, even those who have lived through World War II and Vietnam, the Cuban Missile Crisis and the 9/11 terrorist attacks, still consider now the worst time for Americans.

The survey conducted in August — when the Charlottesville rally erupted — speaks poignantly to the breadth of problems the United States is grappling with.

The dramatic rise in hate crimes since Trump’s election, the looming Russia investigation, 2017 averaging nearly one mass shooting per day with the Las Vegas mass shooting being our nation’s worst in modern history, and white supremacists normalized enough to give rallies and speeches on college campuses, it remains no mystery as to why Americans are concerned for the health of the country.

Despite the dismal outlook of our country’s politics, however, a silver lining emerges. The poll indicated that our country’s political climate has encouraged over half of respondents to volunteer or take social action. This is evident as liberal grassroots organization Emily’s List recently announced that more than 20,000 women have decided to run for office given Trump-era politics threatening the sanctity of our nation. Thankfully, we are still inspired to act while pulling out our hair and biting our nails incessantly over what the president is doing to the country. 

Trump wanted to make America great again. Looks like he’s succeeded in making the country the worst it’s ever been.

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