Handshakes And Hugs Can Get Painfully Awkward In Politics

From Trump’s almost-smooch to Pence to Bush’s awkward back massage to Merkel, here are some of the most painfully awkward political handshakes and hugs.

Apart from Ted Cruz’s disastrous speech and Laura Ingraham’s unfortunate Nazi-esque hand salute, the one other thing that was the talk of the internet during the third night of the Republican National Convention was Donald Trump’s awkward embrace/kiss/handshake with Indiana governor and vice presidential nominee Mike Pence.

As Pence formally accepted the nomination as vice presidential candidate for the Republican party, Trump came onstage to greet him, however, both suddenly decided to settle on a handshake, which Trump decided to turn into a kiss. Pence, on the other hand, wasn’t ready for that.

Since the confusing interaction happened in a matter of seconds, it looked really, really odd, and equally hilarious, to be honest.

But Trump and Pence are just one of the many examples of painfully awkward physical interaction. Politics has a long history of such incidents, which is inevitable since being a politician means lots of hugging, kissing and handshaking with people you only meet during formal settings in front of dozens of cameras.

Obviously, things can go awry — and they do.

Watch some of the most unforgettable and unfortunate hugs and handshakes by world leaders and other famous politicians in the video above.

Banner/thumbnail credit: Reuters, John Sommers II

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