Mother Believes NYPD Roasted Her Son To Death In Hot Police Car

A Bronx woman has filed a case seeking damages for three counts of negligence, wrongful death, and a pattern and practice of civil rights violations.

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A Bronx woman has accused the NYPD of torturing her son by leaving him handcuffed in a hot car.

Authorities maintained that 19-year-old Johnathan Jennings died from a seizure during a drug arrest last year; however, his mother, Monica Davis, claims he was trapped in a police van with the heat cranked up for an excessive period of time, according to MintPress News.

Davis insists that her son did not have a history of seizures or any other health issues aside from minor asthma.

“Davis also said witnesses told her that her son was roughed up by police in the van, and that he sat in the van for at least 45 minutes, was sweating profusely, and bleeding from the mouth,” the New York Daily News reports.

Davis took her case to Bronx County Supreme Court on Thursday in search of justice for her son whom she said she believes was “tortured” by “placing him, while in handcuffs, in an enclosed police van and turning on the heat to an excessive degree for an excessive period of time.”

The grieving mother’s lawsuit also claims that Sgt. Keith Geller and other unnamed officers from the Bronx Narcotics division “beat, assaulted and utilized excessive, unnecessary and brutal force” against Jennings without provocation.

The suit, which will be reviewed by the New York City Law Department, reportedly seeks damages for three counts of negligence, wrongful death, and a pattern and practice of civil rights violations.

Davis’ suspicions are not totally far-fetched. Police brutality throughout the nation has been an ongoing issue, particularly against minorities. The NYPD is not exempt from these incidents, either.

Earlier this year, two New York City officers were filmed threatening a group of minority high school students in Brooklyn with a Taser.

"Following the tragic death of Eric Garner almost three years ago, the Mayor and NYPD assured the public that they were going to retrain officers in how to deescalate interactions with the public and reform their use of force policies to reduce the chances of future tragedies. The officers in this video did just the opposite," said Alex Vitale, who filmed the incident, in a statement provided to Carbonated.TV. 

Clearly, there is a serious need for reform within the department. 

If Davis' claims are found to be true, she will have successfully exposed the NYPD's misconduct, which will hopefully result in not only justice for her own deceased son, but other victims of this alleged inhumane treatment as well. 

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