Mom Whips Out Gun In Walmart During Fight For Last Notebook

Two Walmart customers reached for the same notebook at the same time, which sparked a fight that nearly turned deadly when a mother pulled out her gun.

Back-to-school shopping almost turned deadly when a mother pulled a gun on two other women during an argument over who was going to get the last notebook.

A passerby caught the confrontation on video at a Walmart in Detroit, Michigan.

According to The Independent, the incident began as an argument between two pairs of women, including a 46-year-old, a 32-year-old, and a mother-daughter duo aged 51 and 20.

Apparently, the 20-year-old reached for the last notebook on the shelf at the exact same time as one of the other women.

As the situation escalated, a shoving match ensued, and the two women began pulling the 20-year-old’s hair, which prompted her mother to draw her firearm to protect her daughter.

"One girl was going to buy a notebook. There was one left, some pushing resulted,” Det. Scott Baetens told Fox News Detroit. "They began to argue who was the rightful purchaser of that notebook. She pulled out her firearm and tells them to stop attacking her daughter while pointing the gun at them."

Once the gun was drawn, other customers began to scatter, and the cops were called. However, police are now seeking witnesses to assist in their investigation. All four of the women involved are reportedly facing charges.

The mother who pulled the gun is a licensed gun owner; however, authorities are trying to determine whether she truly brandished the weapon in self-defense before deciding what charges should be pressed against her. The gun was loaded, but there was no round in the chamber.

“A simple assault could be just a local ordinance, a 90-day misdemeanor,” said Baetens. “All the way up to felonious assault with a firearm, which is a felony.”

As for the notebook that sparked the uproar, well, there’s really no telling where it ended up. 

While it's almost laughable that a fight over a notebook escalated to this degree, the outcome could have been tragic if the mother had actually opened fire.

Pulling out her gun was an incredibly dangerous move, but she clearly transformed into a lioness protecting her cub in that moment, throwing all caution to the wind upon witnessing the attack of her daughter. 

But the question remains: Did she go too far? 

Banner/Thumbnail Photo Credit: Pixabay, tookapic via Creative Commons  

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