Even After Son's Murder, His Family Is Forced To Pay His Student Debt

A mother in New Jersey is being forced to continue to pay monthly payments for her son’s student loan debt a year after his death in Vermont.

Even after being murdered, it won’t stop a family in New Jersey from paying off their son’s student debt.

Kevin DeOliveira, 23, was killed in his Vermont home last January and was a former University of Vermont student, but did not graduate, according to Burlington Free Press.

Marcia DeOliveira-Longinetti, Kevin’s mother, is still emotionally and financially processing her son’s death a year later.

Kevin DeOliveira

DeOliveira-Longinetti received a rejection letter after she applied for loan forgiveness to New Jersey’s Higher Education Student Assistance Authority, Mic reported.

“After careful consideration of the information you provided, the authority has determined that your request does not meet the threshold for loan forgiveness,” the letter stated. “Monthly bill statements will continue to be sent to you.”

university of vermont

She has made 18 payments of $180 per month, with 92 more payments to go to finish paying off her son’s student loan debt, AlterNet reported.

“We’re not going to be poor because of this,” she explained. “But every time I have to pay this thing, I think in my head this is so unfair,” DeOliveira-Longinetti said.

Despite being unable to forgive her son’s student loan debt after his unexpected murder a year ago, the loan agency did offer their condolences to DeOliveira-Longinetti. 

Student debt piled up to one's ears is stressful for anyone, but for DeOliveira-Longinetti, it is more than just financial stress, it is also a constant reminder that her son is gone forever. 

Banner Image Credit: Marcia DeOliveira-Longinetti, Facebook user

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