Mother Locked Her 2-Year-Old In The Car So She Could Party

Police responded to reports of a screaming child locked inside of a car only to learn that his mother left him on purpose so she could go to a nightclub.

Swiss police were called to rescue a screaming toddler from a locked car after passersby heard his cries.

Apparently, the two-year-old boy’s mother left him locked inside the car so she could go out partying with friends from work in Schaffhausen, a city located in northern Switzerland, according to Metro.

When cops showed up on the scene, they called a locksmith to open the car, but just before they arrived, the mother returned and unlocked the vehicle.

There is no telling; however, how long the child had been locked in the car before anyone contacted police. He could have been in there for hours.

As a consequence for her thoughtless neglect, the 25-year-old mother now faces charges for “dereliction of duty of care.”

One witness who was so enraged by the mother’s actions ended up vandalizing her vehicle after she had gone back to it to retrieve her child. She reported the vandal, who now also faces charges.

This goes without saying, but this mother’s actions go far beyond bad parenting. Since when is going clubbing more important than taking care of your child?

If she attempted to find a babysitter and failed, then she should have opted out of going to the club. It’s really that simple.

Her child could have been kidnapped, he could have made himself sick from all of the screaming and crying, he could have hurt himself trying to find a way out of the car, or a slew of other tragic endings could have resulted from this woman’s selfish decision to prioritize her social life before her obligations as a mother.

The young boy will likely be traumatized from this experience. If being a parent is such a burden for the woman, then perhaps she shouldn’t be one. Her son deserves to be taken care of by someone who would put his needs before their own. 

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