Mother Wins $5 Million After Buying Wrong Lottery Ticket

One mother is going to have some extra pocket change for her and her family after she accidentally bought a winning scratch-off ticket.

A New Jersey mother of two experienced something most people only can fantasize about — accidentally stumbling into $5 million. 

Yep, you read that correctly. Oksana Zaharov, 46, was doing some shopping in Manhattan when she made the impulsive decision to buy a scratch-off ticket. By mistake, or some may say luck, the clerk handed her a $10 "Set For Life" ticket, and she was too embarrassed to correct him. 

"When the clerk handed me the wrong ticket, I felt bad, so I decided to just go ahead and buy it," Zaharov said in a statement released from the New York Lottery. 

In fact, Zaharov was so unenthusiastic about the ticket that she used it as a bookmark for a few weeks, not knowing that $5 million was just lying under her nose.

Finally, she decided to scratch it. She said she was in shock when she saw it was a winner

"I never win anything," she said. "I was sure the ticket was fake."

So, what will be her first big purchase? Zaharov said she wants to go a family vacation to the Bahamas and will also use the money to ensure her children graduate from college loan-free. Congrats, and spend it wisely.

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