Emotional Reunion At Dulles Airport As Detained 5 Yr Old Meets His Mom

Incredible and emotional scenes across airports as Trump's ban comes into effect for nationals of 7 Muslim majority countries.

People witnessed incredible scenes at Dulles airport outside of Washington, D.C., and others across the United States, following President Donald Trump's travel ban on Muslims from seven countries.

Chaos and confusion ripped through airports as travelers — including those with legal documentation to travel to the U.S. — were detained or even sent back on planes just after touching down.

In this chaos, a mother was waiting for her child at Dulles airport. The 5-year-old son of the Iranian woman had been traveling with another family and had been held at the airport for one entire night. His mother had waited, and pleaded with Virginia Gov. Terry McAuliffe for help.

The child was reunited with his mother around 4 a.m. Overwhelmed, she held on to him, and rushed through the airport to leave with her little boy safe in her arms.

Banner and thumbnail credit: Reuters, James Lawler Duggan

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