Mother Struck By Car Outside Hospital Dies After Delivering Baby

A pregnant woman died after being hit by a vehicle that careened out of control, but nearby doctors were able to safely deliver her baby girl.


A Canadian woman has left her newborn motherless after being struck head-on by a car while crossing the street.  

Marie-Pier Gagné, 27, was reportedly walking inside a crosswalk in Quebec City when she was hit by a speeding vehicle. The accident occurred right across the street from Laval University hospital, Newser reports.

Doctors from the nearby hospital rushed to the scene to help, but were unable to save the young pregnant woman. They were; however, able to save the baby by performing an emergency cesarean section.

Gagné was already 40 weeks into her pregnancy, so her baby girl was full-term.

"I reared back, to avoid getting hit by the car,” one witness reportedly said. “The next thing I saw was a woman go flying two or three meters up in the air."

The car allegedly continued driving after hitting Gagné, running into two other vehicles at stoplights along the way before finally coming to a halt.

According to CBC, an occupant in one of the other vehicles that was hit was taken to the hospital for non-life-threatening injuries.

Witnesses described the moment Gagné was hit like a tragic scene from a horror film.

"You never want to see that," said Rémi Laberge, another witness, adding that the driver just missed a pole and hit the woman straight on, and she "flew up into the air like a rag doll."

Authorities suspect that the 20-year-old driver had fallen ill or suffered a seizure while driving. Reports have not revealed the driver’s current condition.

Gagné’s newborn is doing well, according to Newser, but she will unfortunately never know the woman who carried and nurtured her for nine months.

Friends and loved ones of Gagné have started an online crowdfunding effort to raise money for the baby and Gagné’s partner, Sylvain Bittner-Lamy, who will now have to raise their daughter as a single parent.

pregnan woman

By Thursday afternoon, the Crowdrise campaign had raised more than $28,000 — just shy of its $30,000 goal.

This devastating accident is truly heartbreaking, but it is miraculously fortunate that it occurred in such close proximity to the hospital where medical personnel were able to arrive on the scene immediately and save Gagné’s child. 

Banner and thumbnail credit: Reuters, Shannon Stapleton

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