Mother Watches Live As Day Care Worker Throws Child On Floor

While watching a live stream, a mother realized that her son was being thrown face down onto the floor. Now the day care worker may face jail time.

child crueltyPlano, Texas, is in the news nationwide after a Children’s Courtyard day care worker was caught picking up a toddler and then dropping the child face down onto a mat on the ground.

The local police issued an arrest warrant for Jazmine Torres and told a local NBC affiliate that she will be charged with endangering a child. If she's found guilty, she could remain in jail for two years and face a fine of up $10,000.

The awful incident was caught on a live stream that the child's mother was allegedly watching as the whole thing unfolded. Several parents shared the video across social media, helping the footage reach viral status in no time.



David Tilley, Plano police spokesman officer, said that in the stream, you can see the “child ... moving [but then] all of a sudden after getting thrown to the ground [the child] is no longer moving.” Instead of showing any sign of remorse or guilt, the day care worker then “covers the child up and then sits down and proceeds on with her day.”

Once the victim's mother arrived at the day care to pick up her son, the staff could not believe what had happened to the child until they saw the footage themselves.

After the ordeal, the child was taken to the hospital, but no injuries were found.

According to a statement issued by the day care, once they were warned of the problem involving one of their workers, they notified the authorities and “partnered with the state as well as conducted our own investigation.”

They assured the public that “[t]hose involved are no longer employed.”

Children’s Courtyard, which serves nearly 250 children, has been linked to several other cases of misconduct.

Since 2015, at least nine “high risk” violations were associated with the facility. In one case reported in February, a caregiver used inappropriate methods to discipline a child. In January, a child was left alone on the playground for nearly 30 minutes.

Responding to the latest incident, the day care added that it will “continue to work closely with licensing to reiterate our training processes with all staff. We take full responsibility seriously, and are committed to ensuring our children receive high quality early education and nurturing care.”

While the day care responded promptly to this incident, it is telling that this particular facility has been involved in several other cases of misconduct in the recent past.

Perhaps, those in charge should consider halting operations until they are 100 percent sure that the staff is properly trained. It would be horrible to learn that a more serious incident involving the same day care happened before the company felt that a shift in attitude was necessary.

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