Mother-In-Law Of Trump's Deputy Called Immigrants 'Rats and Roaches'

David Bossie's mother-in-law said, “People are coming in this country across the borders like rats and roaches in the woodpile... We’ve got to get control.”

The Democratic Coalition Against Trump recently reposted an old video in attempt to shame David Bossie, Donald Trump’s new deputy campaign manager as of Thursday.

The year-old footage shows the mother-in-law of the notorious Clinton-basher speaking vehemently against immigrants, calling them “rats and roaches.” Needless to say, listening to her xenophobic rant may leave a bitter taste in your mouth. 

Bossie’s mother-in-law spoke at the 2015 South Carolina Freedom Summit, which was aired by C-SPAN in May and organized by Bossie as president of the conservative non-profit Citizens United. While everyone is entitled to their own opinion, some people’s opinions are, perhaps, better discussed in private rather than on public television—or not at all.

In the video, she can be heard saying, “One man, one vote. People are coming in this country across the borders like rats and roaches in the woodpile. We’ve got a state like Minnesota that says it’s not our business to check them out, we just register them. We’ve got to get control. That’s what they need to know.”

The speaker continued, despite GOP pollster Frank Luntz’s efforts to grab the microphone away from her.

She said, “Years ago, I might have been a Democrat. But I saw the problem and I went to the Republican Party. I didn’t wait for them to come looking for me. Why do these young people have to be solicited? We are all intelligent people. We need to be voting our convictions and choose a party.”



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