German MP Attacked With Chocolate Cake Over Refugee Stance

Sahra Wagenknecht wants to put a limit on the number of refugees Germany should accept.

Many people try to erase toxicity and negativity with a generous helping of chocolate cake, but a self-proclaimed anti-fascist group in Germany decided that the solution for their issues with an MP's views were to slather her face with cake.

MP Sahra Wagenknecht, from the far-left Die Linke Party, is one of the few voices from her own party that has not been welcoming toward refugees. Wagenknecht has maintained that Germany should put a limit to the number of refugees it allows in.

Unluckily for the politician, her views did not resonate with one young man who threw chocolate cake at her face during a conference before shouting slogans.

Firstly, to use some perfectly divine chocolate cake for such a heinous motive, to shame a political opponent, is sacrilege.

Secondly, and more importantly, such groups lose their legitimacy of being "anti-fascist" when they are so unwilling to tolerate counter opinions, however narrow-minded they may be.

Such paradoxical anti-fascists lie on one extreme end of the spectrum, at the other end of which they may find white supremacists. The rational and only sustainable solution available to the world is to not stifle opinions that run counter to our own beliefs, but to consider them and counter them with logic.

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