All Joe Scarborough Cares About Is Hillary Clinton's Smile

Women just can't escape this casual sexism, no matter who they are.

You would think men would know better than to tell women to smile in 2016.

Apparently, Joe Scarborough missed the memo.

Hillary Clinton had Lady Luck shining on her during Tuesday’s primaries as she was able to sweep big wins both in Ohio and Florida. The day would have been perfect for her if not for the MSNBC "Morning Joe" host, who reminded her she should look happier about it.

Everyone knows Scarborough is a great fanboy of “The Lie of The Year” winner Donald Trump but now he also has seemingly taken upon himself to tell Hillary Clinton how to act at any given moment.


Scarborough now has an issue with Clinton not smiling in addition to shouting at rallies.

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Twitter, as usual, responded immediately and flagellated Scarborough for being a casual sexist.









Clearly, the Twitterati understands women don’t love to be told to smile and hopefully by now Scarborough has gotten the message too. It is a mystery though why the MSNBC reporter did not demand Trump, who also had a massive night with wins in Illinois, Florida and North Carolina, smile during his strange victory speech.

Really, Joe? Clinton is as far along as any woman has gotten to the presidency, a woman who has held some of the highest offices in the land, and this is all you can say to her? The next time you tell a woman to smile, expect the responses above.

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