MTA Employee Said Of Suicide Victim: 'I Hope The MF Suffered'

Following a suicide at a New York City train station a conductor was overheard saying he hoped the victim suffered for causing massive delays.

In New York City on Monday, one of the lines of the Metro Transit Authority systemexperienced delays due to the apparent suicide of a 16-year-old boy who reportedly jumped in front of a train in the Bronx.

While a train sat at Grand Central Station waiting for things to clear up, passengers overheard a conductor saying into the intercom, “I hope the motherf***er suffered.”

The unnamed employee most likely had no idea the mic was on when making those deplorable comments, however, that doesn’t excuse the fact that he or she would even say something so vile to anyone. 

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Although the employee has not been identified, at least two passengers posted accounts of the incident to Twitter.

"Such language and sentiment has no place on Metro-North Railroad," MTA spokeswoman Mere­dith Daniels told the New York Post. "We are aware of these allegations and are looking into them."

The deceased teen was reportedly a sophomore at Fordham Preparatory School, making him their second student to commit suicide by train in the last month.

Columbia University Medical Center child psychiatry chief Dr. Moira Rynn reportedly told NBC New York she suspected the latest tragedy was influenced by the earlier suicide, and encouraged concerned parents of academy students to talk to their children about suicide.

The victim’s school released this statement:

The sudden and tragic death of a member of our sophomore class last evening has deeply shocked and saddened the entire Fordham Prep community. We are in close contact with the young man's family and have assured them that our prayers, sympathy and support are with them in their time of need.

In order to support and care for our community during this difficult time, Fordham Prep will be providing trained experts and grief counselors to meet with students, faculty, staff, and parents.

We will also host a parent meeting at which specialists and members of the Prep's crisis team will address their concerns and questions.

While train delays — for any reason — are great inconveniences to those who rely on public transportation, this very sensitive and tragic incident was nothing to make light of or even become so agitated as to “hope” the victim suffered.

Looks like MTA may be yet another business that needs to offer rigorous sensitivity training to its employees. 

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