Mueller's Team Presents 500 Pieces Of Evidence Against Manafort

On Wednesday evening, special counsel Robert Mueller's legal team presented 500 pieces of evidence that demonstrate Paul Manafort may have laundered millions of dollars.

Special counsel Robert Mueller speaks into microphone while pointing his finger

The case against Paul Manafort looks to be a strong one, as special counsel Robert Mueller's office released a list of over 500 pieces of evidence they intend to use to prove he's guilty. 

Manafort is being charged with laundering more than $30 million through offshore banks, and lying about untaxed income for returns through the years 2010 to 2014. The trial is set to begin on July 25. He faces a second trial date in September relating to charges of acting as an unregistered foreign agent on behalf of the Ukrainian government.

Mueller and his team introduced hundreds of pieces of evidence on Wednesday evening that they intend to use in their case against Manafort. Much of what they’ve included details the extravagant lifestyle that the former campaign chairman for President Donald Trump has been living over the years.

For example, Mueller’s team has submitted receipts for season tickets for the New York Yankees, documents of ownership for oriental rugs and fine art paintings, and pictures of his estates in Bridgehampton, New York, New York City, and Arlington, Virginia.

They’ve also included photographic evidence of expensive clothing and jewelry he had purchased at high-end stores like Alan Couture as well as the House of Bijan, a Beverly Hills-based jewelry showroom that is available to clients by appointment only, and which bills itself on Facebook as “the most expensive store in the world.”

This is all to say that Manafort’s lavish lifestyle seems to signal he was funneling money from sources other than his own income. The evidence shown by Mueller’s legal team so far demonstrates that he certainly lived a high-end life, and will likely focus on the ways in which he was able to do so in order to build a case against him.

This aspect of Manafort’s legal troubles is only the beginning — he will have to answer later this year for charges made against him dealing with his activities as an unregistered foreign agent as well.

What’s most telling about this case, however, is that it reveals that Mueller is not messing around. If he’s building a similar case against other actors involved in Trump’s campaign or inside the White House, it could mean a huge world of legal trouble for the president.


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