Two Men Beat Up Canadian Muslim Man, Called Him A ‘Terrorist’

According to the victim’s family, two men spewed racial slurs at the Muslim man, calling him an “Arab” and “terrorist” before the brutal attack.


Two xenophobic men have been arrested in Canada after brutally attacking a Canadian-Muslim man in front of his family.

Muhammed Abu Marzouk was out on a picnic with his wife, Diana Attar and two daughters. On their way back home from the Mississauga Valley Community Centre in Mississauga, Canada, two men allegedly kicked Marzouk’s car and started spewing racial slurs at him.

It was at this time that the 39-year-old got out of his car to ask them what the matter was. The men said Marzouk’s car almost hit them.

But before the Muslim man could say anything in his defense, the men, identified as 27-year-old Adem Corhamzic and 19-year old Janis Corhamzic, allegedly called him an “Arab” and a “terrorist” and then violently attacked him.

Both the attackers who were brothers beat Marzouk to a pulp in front of his wife and daughters – traumatizing them for life. They kept kicking and hitting him on his head, until the man fell in his own pool of blood unconscious. Altar frantically covered her husband so that the brutal men could stop attacking him, but they didn’t. She threw himself on her husband to protect him but they also injured her.

Another friend, who was with the family at the picnic, also tried to intervene but he was also attacked. Marzouk was then rushed to a nearby trauma center. He had sustained multiple fractures on his face and a serious brain hemorrhage, which required a surgery at St. Michael’s Hospital in Toronto.

“You don’t keep kicking a man when he’s down laying in the ground in a pool of his own blood,” Abu Marzouk’s younger brother told The Mississauga News. “You don’t keep kicking a man’s wife trying to cover her husband’s head lying on the ground.”

The two attackers were charged with aggravated assault and two counts of assault. 

Initially, The Peel Regional Police called the attack a result of a road rage, but if that was the case the men wouldn’t have kept beating Marzouk without giving him a chance to explain anything. Now, the incident is being treated as a “hate-motivated crime.” 

“We were provided information that the initial incident started as a result of the road rage, a dispute that happened in the parking lot. Witnesses subsequently came forward and talked to investigators and provided them with some statements that were made while the incident was unfolding by the two arrested and charged males,” police spokesperson Akhil Mooken said.

Ibrahim Hindy a close friend of the family said Marzouk’s children were deeply traumatized.

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