Museum Targeted With Anti-Immigrant Message: ‘Go Back To Your Country’

An immigration museum in San Diego was targeted with xenophobic graffiti, which claimed this country didn’t belong to immigrants and that they should leave.

On Saturday, Linda Caballero-Sotelo, the executive director of San Diego’s New Americans Museum, posted publicly on her personal Facebook page that the museum had been vandalized with anti-immigrant graffiti, Fox News Latino reported.

Caballero-Sotelo posted a photograph of one of the hateful messages along with a video in which she addressed the intimidating messages. She wrote, “Today… in plain daylight someone defaced our exhibit signs with anti-immigrant messages.” The New Americans Museum also posted images of the graffiti, which was written on its exhibition displays.

One of the hateful messages written in black marker reads, “Too much immigration! Go back to your country! This one is ours!”

Another photo of the anti-immigrant commentary was posted by the New Americans Museum Facebook page. The unwelcoming message reads, “Overpopulation and crowding by immigration!”

anti immigrant graffiti

anti immigrant graffiti

“It’s disheartening to see that the cultural space that talks about the contributions of immigrants can be so threatening to those that now feel empowered and emboldened to speak very negative and divisive messages,” Caballero-Sotelo said in her Facebook video.

The museum, which has been open since 2008, celebrates and educates the public about the diverse immigrant experiences from people who have moved to the United States.

Caballero-Sotelo told EFE that the incident “is an attack on the museum, on the premise and mission that we have at this institution, which is to promote an understanding of immigrants and highlight their contributions.”

She also said that this is the first instance that the museum has been vandalized with rhetoric against immigrants.

The disgusting nature of this xenophobic expression is indicative of the violent crimes which have escalated as a result of Republican Donald Trump’s election to presidential office. There should be no place for xenophobic remarks in a society which historically welcomed immigrants from across the globe.

The vandalism that the New Americans Museum encountered is, unfortunately, just one case of hateful intimidation from a Trump supporter.

Banner photo: Facebook, New Americans Museum

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