Playboy Magazine Features First Hijabi Woman

Being a Muslim woman, wearing a hijab, does not stop this badass activist from pursuing her dreams.

Playboy Magazine, once famous for soft porn, has changed things around quite a bit. The magazine's October "Renegade" edition is a great example, featuring a Muslim hijabi woman for the very first time.

Noor Tagouri, an American journalist, will appear in Playboy magazine's October issue wearing a hijab. The series focuses on men and women "who risked it all — even their lives — to do what they love."

Muslim American

22-year-old Tagouri works as a journalist for a video news network, Newsy, and the publication describes her as "a badass activist".

She aims to become the first "hijabi" anchor on commercial U.S. television, she believe her struggles as a Muslim woman growing up in the United States have helped her to a great extent throughout her career.

Being a Muslim does not stop her from pursuing her dreams — neither does her hijab.

Noor Tagouri

‘‘I've dreamt of being a reporter since I was 8 years old and I decided to still stick by that dream — with my hijab on!’’ she said.

Tagouri has a whooping social media fan base of more than 100,000 followers. She first got attention through the #LetNoorShine campaign back in 2012, where she inspired others to let their own light shine.    

Muslimi Hijabi

A Muslimi hijabi woman being featured in a magazine of scandalous fame has gained both praise and criticism to the journalist. Many think the magazine as  a tool to objectify women, and can’t take a hijabi on the cover as a result.

An article in an online magazine, The Muslim Vibe, reads:

"Playboy is synonymous with pornography. It has been at the forefront of the objectification, sexualization and commodification of women for decades and just because they've softened their image, it doesn't mean we can begin to engage with the platform and jump on board."

People on Twitter have differing opinions:






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