Muslim Charity Vandalized By Robbers In Possible Hate Crime

The Muslim charity served thousands of people over the last year, and provides food to people regardless of their race, culture or religion.

In a distressing incident last week, a food pantry run by the Islamic Circle of North America was vandalized by burglars, destroying hundreds of dollars worth of food.

A few robberies took place in the neighborhood along Memorial Drive in DeKalb County, Georgia, around the same time which made people think this was also just another case. Nothing was taken from the office, which points that the burglary might have been a hate crime, especially since the doors have clear signs saying it’s a Muslim charity.

The burglars entered the premises by breaking through the glass door. They then turned the security cameras inwards so they couldn’t be recorded or traced, after which they raided the coolers, throwing a large amount of Halal meat on the floor and making it inconsumable. However, no valuables such as technological devices were stolen.

The Islamic Circle of North America has served more than 20,000 Georgians in 2015, and gives food to people belonging to every race, religion and culture.

"The fact that the vandals did not steal anything would indicate that robbery was not the motivation [for] this attack. Whoever did it, they were a coward and what they did was evil,” Edward Ahmed Mitchell, executive director of the Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR) in Georgia, said.

More officers from the DeKalb County Police have been patrolling the neighborhood to watch out for robberies, and they have taken into consideration the fact that the attack on the charity could have been motivated by religion.

It is upsetting that the robbers attacked the Muslim pantry, considering that it serving people of all communities. All the meat destroyed in the incident could have turned into meals for many families. Hopefully the police will be able to trace down the burglars and punish them for their crime.

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