Muslim Couple Booted From Flight For Allegedly Saying 'Allah'

A Muslim couple traveling to Cincinnati, Ohio together were extracted from a Delta flight for allegedly saying "God" in their native Arabic language.

Yet another incident has occurred in which Muslims are kicked off of a plane for just being Muslim. 

Faisal and Nazia Ali were on a Delta Air Lines flight from Paris to Cincinnati and were on the aircraft for less than an hour when a crew member asked the couple to leave the plane for allegedly saying “God” in Arabic, Mic reported.

An unidentified crew member told the pilot that she was uncomfortable because Faisal was sweating and using his cell phone and Nazia was wearing a head scarf, according to the Cincinnati Enquirer.

delta airlines muslim passenger

The Delta employee also claimed that the couple used the word “Allah” on the flight.

“The ground agent said, ‘Can you step out with me? We'd like to ask you a few questions.’ So I said, ‘Do you want us to get our things?’ And he said, ‘Yes, please grab all of your personal belongings. You're not going to be on this flight,’ ” Nazia said.

After the Islamophobic incident, Delta Air Lines released a statement that read, “Delta condemns discrimination toward our customers in regards to age, race, nationality, religion, sexual orientation or gender. As a global airline that brings hundreds of thousands of people together every day, Delta is deeply committed to treating all of our customers with respect. Delta continues its investigation into this matter and will issue a full refund of these customers’ airfare.”

A French security official questioned the couple when they left the plane, took pictures of the couple’s passports, and denied the couple readmission onto the plane after they asked to go back on the flight.

“He said to us, ‘You did nothing wrong. That’s the way the world is right now,’ ” Faisal said.

Although Delta Air Lines paid for their hotel nearby, it still doesn’t take away from the embarrassment the couple endured both on and off the flight.

“It was humiliating. We were treated like criminals. I thought, ‘We are American citizens. You can’t do this to us,’ ” Nazia said.

It’s despicable that we still live in a world full of discrimination towards other religions and we can't embrace people for who they are. 

Banner Image Credit: Cory W. Watts, Flickr/Creative Commons

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