Muslim Family Finds Note In Mailbox: ‘KKK Is Coming For You’

“It was just unspeakable,” said one of the family members who lives in the Long Island home where the Islamophobic notes were discovered Monday.

This week in Islamophobic attacks, an East Coast Muslim family discovered hateful messages left in their mailbox Monday afternoon.

According to CBS News, police said that the Long Island family found a piece of paper with a swastika and the words, “KKK Hate Muslims, We will kill you, Jesus loves you,” scrawled across it in red ink.

“It was just unspeakable,” said a resident of the home, who requested to be kept anonymous. “There’s no reason for any hate, we all hope that everybody understands, everybody is educated, but there is hate.”

Additionally, a paper plate with a message reading, “The KKK is coming for you Muslims,” was also discovered.

The targets of this hate have reportedly lived in their home for more than 20 years and have never had these issues before.

“Our front doors are open half the time so I can’t imagine somebody just walking up to my mailbox and going through that effort,” the resident said. “If it’s the religion you hate, if it’s the people you hate then come talk to us.” 

While the perpetrators of this stunt may not actually act on their threats, the fact that this innocent family must now live in fear wondering if they are truly in danger is unjust and undeserved. 

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