Racist Mob Beats Muslim Woman Unconscious Following Barcelona Attack

A group of racists brutally assaulted a hijab-wearing woman outside a metro station in a reprisal attack.

A group of racists brutally assaulted a hijab-wearing woman outside a metro station in Madrid, Spain, in what is suspected to be a hate crime.

The woman, who has not been identified, was beaten so extensively that she had to be hospitalized for her injuries.  She also reportedly suffered an anxiety attack.

The incident occurred outside the Usera metro station.

The alleged reprisal comes a week after Barcelona was targeted by a suspected Islamist militant, who drove a van into a crowd on Aug. 17, killing 13 people and injuring more than 100 people.

The Islamic State terror group later claimed responsibility for the deadly rampage.

Following the Barcelona terror attack, two mosques were also targeted in Spain. The Seville Mosque Foundation’s center was reportedly targeted with hate speech, as hooligans drew racist graffiti on the mosque's walls, including messages like “killers, you’re going to pay.” The messages also included threats to behead Muslims with a machete.

Another mosque in Granada was also vandalized, after which people, including children, had to run out of the mosque as orange smoke covered their place of worship. According to senior officers, the police patrols near the city's mosques have now been increased.

Following these incidents of hatred, several Muslims rallied in Barcelona on Aug. 21 just meters away from the Barcelona terror attack location to protest against hatred and violence.

As for the Madrid woman, according to the police, she saw little of her attackers' faces. Apparently, they were not wearing any armbands or any other clothing linking them to anti-Islamic groups.

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