Woman Fired On First Day For Refusing To Remove Headscarf

A Muslim woman was released from her temporary job as an intern on her first day at work after she refused to take off her beloved headscarf.

Towns in France have already banned burkinis, and now a mayor in Germany has fired a woman for wearing a headscarf at work.

An unknown Palestinian woman was released on the first day of her job as an intern for a project called “Perspectives for Refugees” for declining to remove her headscarf, RT reports.  

The 48-year-old was scheduled to work as an intern for six weeks and she didn’t want to remove her Muslim headscarf in the presence of men.

Elisabeth Herzog-von der Heide, mayor of the eastern town of Luckenwalde, Brandenburg, fired her because she said the woman wearing her headscarf violated the religious neutrality of the town hall.

muslim woman

“The Islamic headscarf is a means of expressing a religious worldview,” Herzog-von der Heide said.

The mayor did not ask the woman her views on removing headscarves before she hired her, but says she will now ask that question in the future.

Sven Petke, a representative in the state parliament from the Christian Democratic Union Party, said, “There are no legal grounds for this decision.”

Petke also discussed that the German Constitutional Court previously stated that personal connection to items of clothing and personal beliefs shouldn’t be seen as an issue.

“That’s different than a crucifix on the wall,” he said.

The Alternative for Germany Party, on the other hand, commended the mayor’s actions saying, “If the cross is not permitted in the rooms of the town hall, then there should not be special treatment for Muslims. The mayor deserves respect and not scolding for her uncomfortable decision.”

It’s ridiculous for this mayor to fire a woman over wearing her Muslim headscarf because to the mayor, it may be just a headscarf, but to the woman, it’s a religious representation that’s meaningful in her life. 

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