Muslim Journalist Told ‘Kill Yourself’ By Stranger On Flight

The Muslim public figure was simply walking down the aisle of an airplane to get to her seat when a fellow passenger made the hateful remark.

Islamophobia is in full swing with no end in sight. Sadly, no Muslim — American citizen or otherwise — is exempt from disgusting mistreatment.

Case in point, Muslim journalist, public speaker, and media personality Noor Tagouri took to social media to detail a racist encounter she recently experienced while traveling.

On Facebook and Twitter, she wrote about the moment she boarded a plane and a fellow passenger on the flight whispered, “kill yourself” as she walked past him on the way to her seat.

After explaining what occurred in just one sentence, she sarcastically concluded the identical posts on each platform with “nice.”

Her posts quickly went viral with many people sharing their frustration and dismay with how Muslims — and even non-Muslims who just happen to be of Middle Eastern descent— are being treated day in and day out. 

While these frequent attacks may be nothing new, it doesn't make them any less appalling. Trying to complete normal, everyday activities for Muslims is like walking onto a social battlefield everyday, not knowing if or when you will be the next target of a hate crime

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