Muslim Men Asked To Disembark Flight For Second Security Screening

The two men were asked to leave the plane for a second screening because two racist passengers didn't want to be on the same flight as them.

It's not only in America that we hear of cases involving travelers being singled out for their religion and their country of origin.

According to the Manchester Evening News, two Muslim men were forced to get off a flight headed to Manchester, England, from Izmir, Turkey, so they would go through airport security a second time. Due to this incident, the flight left nearly 90 minutes late.

It all happened when two women on the Thomas Cook Airlines flight reached out to the flight attendants to report that the two men had managed to bypass airport security and that they had been making phone calls in the bathroom. The female passengers also added that the men were signaling to each other as the flight crew prepared the plane to take off.

After learning about the complaints, the cabin crew asked the two men to return to airport security, which the two passengers did without complaining.

After going through security a second time, they were given the OK to board the plane. Once the women learned that they had embarked, they said they would return to the terminal because they refused to be on the same flight as the men.

A spokesperson speaking on behalf of Thomas Cook Airlines apologized for the incident, saying that the request they made to the two passengers was a precaution “after unverified concerns were raised that the initial airport security check had missed them out.”

The company also thanked the men for their patience.

According to another passenger who chose to remain anonymous, the entire ordeal was “an embarrassment.”

“Two innocent Muslim men were marched off plane and searched as two English ladies refused to fly with them on the plane," the passenger stated."The result was a delay for everyone, and the men flew while the women were left behind.”

Due to the news reports concerning the viral incident involving United Airlines and passenger Dr. David Dao, many have been on edge with any incident involving passengers being kicked off flights. Unfortunately, this type of profiling of individuals based on their religion is nothing new.

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