Muslim Man Makes Eggs For Knife-Wielding Burglar, Hears His Life Story

When a burglar charged toward him with a knife, Ali Yassine decided to start a conversation instead.

Most people try to fend off and/or flee knife-wielding robbers. But one Muslim man in Ireland dealt with a similar situation in a very unusual way.

He cooked his attacker breakfast and then had a little chat with him.

Twenty eight-year-old Stefan Boyle was hiding under a table in a mosque when Ali Yassine, from Dundrum, Dublin, spotted him and asked him to leave.

In response, Boyle charged toward Yassine with a knife, planning to escape out of a window, the Irish Independent reported.

The incident occurred in May.

Yassine, who works as a caretaker in the mosque, stopped the burglar by kicking him in self-defense. He then told Boyle to calm down.

Instead of immediately reporting him to the police, Yassine went on to make scrambled eggs for the crook and struck up an almost 30-minute conversation with him.

Boyle told the mosque caretaker he was homeless, a former convict and that he was having problems with his girlfriend. The Irish Times reports he has "110 previous convictions, 63 of which are for burglary."

After the robber left, Yassine realized that Boyle had stolen two cell phones from his bedroom, which is situated in a building attached to the mosque.

As Yassine was dealing with the stolen phones, he ran into Boyle, who returned the cell phones and apologized for his acts.

During his sentence hearing, Boyle described Yassine as “a good guy." He said he wanted to get money to buy drugs, adding he had forgotten about the stolen cell phones during their conversation.

Boyle pleaded guilty to burglary. He will reportedly be allowed to attend residential drug treatment before he is sentenced.

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