NYPD Cop Claims Coworkers Called Her ‘Taliban,' Ripped Off Her Hijab

Officer Danielle Alamrani was called a “terrorist” and “Taliban” for wearing the hijab. Once a sergeant told her not to “detonate on patrol.”


An NYPD veteran police officer has been verbally and physically attacked by her own coworkers after she converted to Islam.

Officer Danielle Alamrani joined the NYPD in 2006 and a year later, got permission to wear a headscarf to work and pray, in accordance with the Islamic teachings.

Despite that, she was subjected to rampant discrimination by her colleagues.

According to the lawsuit that Alamrani filed, her coworkers started labeling her as a “terrorist” and “Taliban” and told her she was disgracing the police department.

In 2010, a sergeant mocked her and told her he hoped she didn’t “detonate on patrol” and when she continued wearing her hijab, she was denied opportunities to go out on patrol — a decision that cost her overtime pay.

She also described an assault incident in 2012, when two officer in the precinct tried to rip off her scarf, called her a “Muslim b****” and threatened to punch her. She reported the act to the officials who did not see fit to punish the two alleged culprits who continued to harass her.

The abuse did not just stop at her workplace.

In 2014, Alamrani says she and her husband were arrested after their neighbors called 911 complaining of noise from their children. When the responding officer arrived, he found the children sleeping, but he still arrested them and even detained the children for eight hours “just to harass her.”

"During this incident, the responding officer...made numerous comments about Plaintiff Alamrani's religion including that Plaintiff Alamrani's family were '[A]rabs' who 'slept on the floor like animals,'" the lawsuit reads.

Then in 2015, a fellow officer snapped a picture of Alamrani at the shooting range and plastered it all over his Facebook where it received degrading comments from police officers, who called her a “moving target” and “f******disgrace.”

Alamrani filed a complaint with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission in December 2015 and was given the right to sue on Jan 20., according to court documents.

The officer is now seeking compensation for punitive damages, lost wages and attorneys’ fees.

“I think justice, if there is such a thing in our legal system, would be to hold people accountable for their actions within the NYPD, that there would be at least some disciplinary or other action taken to let people know that you can't treat coworkers this way,” Alamrani's attorney, Jesse Rose of the Rose Law Group, told NBC News.

Twitters users have banded together in support of the officer.







According to Mayor Bill de Blasio, there are 900 Muslims in NYPD. But it seems, the “Blue Lives Matter” motto does not apply to some of them.

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