Muslim Schools Will Give Students Anti-ISIS Lessons

These Malaysian schools have come up with a great new strategy for spreading awareness of Islamic State and preventing future recruitment.

The Malaysian Education Ministry will be working with the police to implement a new initiative that will hopefully keep children safe from ISIS.

Starting this year, all Malaysian schools will add a new module, explaining the dangers of the terrorist organization ISIS, alongside their regular subjects.

Deputy Education Minister II Senator Chong Sin Woon explained that the new collaborative project will introduce a series of briefings to make students aware of the threats of terrorism being addressed by the government.

“The Education Ministry is prepared to cooperate with the police to conduct briefings at schools to create awareness among students on the dangers of Islamic State terrorists,” he quoted to a local news source.

This is the first such collaborative effort between the police and the Education Ministry of Malaysia.

Sympathy for the religious extremists has risen drastically in recent years in the country that prides itself on being a moderate Islamic state. This has happened particularly among the younger generation who has expressed camaraderie toward radical groups in their social media channels. Since 2013, authorities arrested more than 122 individuals who had either enlisted or who were apprehended on their way to join the terrorist organization. Malaysian authorities have also identified 100-200 natives who are pro-ISIS.

The efforts of the Malaysian government to decrease opportunities for ISIS recruitment is commendable, as the radical group is well known for enrolling children at a young age and brainwashing them to accept their ideologies. Hopefully other countries will take a leaf out of Malaysia's book and implement similar systems keep their children safe from the evils of rebel groups.

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