‘Why You Got A Mask?’ Racist Woman Attacks Niqab-Wearing Student

The terrified Muslim couple locked the car as the woman furiously banged her fists on the windows, shouting racial slurs, calling the niqab-wearing student a “terrorist.”

A woman has been charged with assault in Sydney, Australia, after she was filmed terrorizing a young Muslim couple in the parking lot of Sydney’s Macquarie University.

The video, shared on Facebook by Ramzy Alamudi, who was inside the car with his wife, shows the woman furiously banging the windows of a vehicle and accusing a woman, wearing a niqab, of being a terrorist.

"Who are you? Why you got a mask? Terrorist. You got a gun?" the racist woman can be heard yelling.

"I only reacted after she was going to snap off my wipers (it was a rainy day!)," Alamudi wrote in an accompanying post. "I moved the abusive woman away from my wife until several witnesses assisted in the attempt to neutralize her till security came."

In a Facebook post, Ramzy Alamudi said he and his wife were getting in their car at Macquarie University on Friday afternoon when they noticed the woman staring at them.

Alamudi claims he and his wife were returning from the university and walking toward the parking lot when they saw the woman and waved and smiled at her.

That’s when the situation reportedly turned ugly.

“Call security,” Alamudi says as the woman approached them.

His wife, who filmed the confrontation, told him to drive, as they lock the doors of their car.

It was only after campus security intervened that the couple got away safely.

The alleged attacker, a 35-year-old woman, has been charged with “destroying-damaging property along with common assault,” according to 7News Sydney.

The woman is scheduled to appear in Burwood Local Court on March 13.

Banner/thumbnail credit: Reuters

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